The Answers Are Everywhere

Roshan Daryanani 
7 ratings

Ideas are incredibly powerful. They can lift us when we're down, help us view things in a completely different manner and spark new possibilities.

This book is filled with ideas. Inside it, you will find:

  • 25 big questions, such as: Why is it important to spend time alone? Can rethinking money buy you freedom? What can we learn from children?
  • Handpicked hyperlinks to books, articles, podcasts, videos and poems with insights on these questions
  • Bright, full-colour graphics

Here's what readers are saying:


- Sudiksha Patil, Ashoka Fellow

"An easy read at 72 pages, with eye-catching pictures that make it easy to absorb the advice, as well as plenty of clickable links to more tasty content created by others. I gobbled this book up in one sitting, and plan to revisit it whenever I need a little dose of wisdom." 

- David Goode, Writer and Musician

"Very few books are both insightful and fun - The answers are Everywhere is one such read - it makes you think, it makes you smile and keeps you engaged.
Roshan has very smartly integrated external articles and TED talks with each chapter - literally answering most questions that readers would think about whilst reading the chapters.
The Answers are Everywhere reminded me of Scrubs (TV Series) where deep questions about life were being answered in a fun and simple manner."

- Ankur Grover, Tinkerlabs Co-founder

"The Answers are Everywhere makes for some very interesting reading. In particular, I loved the illustrative style and tone of voice. I think it does a great job in providing a unique balance between helping you navigate simple but important questions in life and yet not being ‘preachy’. So simple yet so difficult to do."

- Shagun Seth

- Georgie Nightingall, Founder of Trigger Conversations

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The Answers Are Everywhere

7 ratings
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